Your Frozen Meals Program

Different people have different needs.

That's why the frozen meal program can offer those who are more independent with choice and convenience.

For your frozen Home Meals Service program, we provide a Meals on Wheels organization with the tools needed to deliver a quality delivery service. With a range of over 100 soups, entrees and desserts available, volunteers deliver meals to seniors who prefer to heat their own meals at home. Our menu brochure (available by clicking here) is designed for Meals on Wheels agencies to distribute to their clients and we can provide a new order form for the next order too.

apetito complete mealOur products are used by frozen meals programs in over 150 communities across Canada. The entrees are packaged in convenient composable paperboard trays which can be heated in the microwave or oven. Soups are packaged in white containers and our desserts are in plastic containers and simply require defrosting.

A complete meal from apetito will provide a senior with the nutrition they need to stay healthy. When taken as the main meal and accompanied by some other healthy options throughout the day, the recommendations of Canada's Food Guide will be achieved.

For those who follow a special diet or are vegetarian, there is lots of choice too. All of our meals are suitable for diabetics and we provide a range of diabetic desserts, low sodium meals and a selection that are gluten free. For nutritional advice and product information, either call us or follow the link to apetito nutridata.

To find out more, please contact us for more information.