Meals on Wheels

Community Meals is such an important local service.

apetito has years of experience of community meals, both in Canada and in Europe. We understand that getting the right daily nutrition has a profound impact on health and independence and that is why our products generally have more protein and vitamins with controlled levels of sodium and less fat than other commonly available prepared frozen meals. We also offer individual complete puree, minced and special diet meals for individuals with special dietary needs.

We aim to develop an offer that meets the specific needs of each customer and to do so using the most advanced and flexible range of product, system and service solutions.

apetito products for community mealsUsing our focus on innovation, customer service and product quality to consistently improve our offerings, apetito is leading the way to help the community meals service with quality products and system solutions for both hot and frozen meal services.

There is no cookie-cutter approach; every community meals service is different. That is why we have developed a range of Products, Systems and Services to pick from.

In over 150 communities throughout Canada, the Meals on Wheels service has chosen to partner with apetito.

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